Cristiano Ronaldo has fulfilled the wish of two disabled kids

Cristiano Ronaldo surprised two children

Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United won three Champions League titles in the English Premier League, one FA Cup, two UEFA Champions League titles, a British Super Cup, Champions League and World Cup titles. Real Madrid also has a Spanish La Liga championship, two Cup titles. Knockout, a Spanish Super Cup, two Champions League titles, European Super Cup and World Cup qualifiers. He is now looking to win the title with the Portuguese national team in the 2018 World Cup. Portugal’s soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo surprised two disabled children after attending the camp.

Cristiano Ronaldo World Cup

PersianUp advertising  Cristiano Ronaldo was added to the Portuguese national team last Monday to start officially for the World Cup.

The Portuguese Football Federation has announced that Ronaldo has met two disabled children one day after the camp, and has come up with the dream of seeing this world-class soccer star.


“We all have dreams, but only those who are courageous,” said the Twitter of the Portuguese Federation.

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