Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction For A Long Time

Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction

Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction

Popular Peoples always appear in sporting promotions, they always talk about health and vegetarianism, but some are involved with addiction and drugs.

You may be surprised to see the names of some of the addicted stars we introduce today!


Angelina Jolie

Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction(Angelina Jolie)

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I tried almost every drug that existed. Not believable, but these are the talks of one of the most successful women in the world!

Angelina Jolie’s life is full of bitter events. In a period of her life, she was struggling with anorexia nervosa and depression.

“Eating Beetles and Spiders Live by Angelina Jolie”


Robert Downey, Jr.

Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction(Robert Downey, Jr.)

Robert was a charismatic young man of the artist’s family, always in his dignity to have a brilliant future, But after gaining his reputation, he could not escape this exam, and for a long time became involved with narcissism and addiction.

Robert spent 16 months in jail and was under medical treatment. And he spent about a year in a clinic and then took a serious decision to leave the drug.



Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction(Adele)

At the beginning of her career, Adele was worried about her success on the stage.

She decided to eat alcohol before her performances, to overcome her fears and courage, but this habit gradually became a big problem.

She says:

Once I was so drunk that when I went on the stage, I forgot the song. The worst night of my life.

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Anthony Hopkins

Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction(Anthony Hopkins)


“When I was young, I thought alcohol helped me keep calm, feel free and, and so I would be a better actor. Many of my colleagues also think like this, but they make a mistake.”

In 1964, Hopkins began working at the British National Theater but was fired for being drunk later that year.

Mr. Hopkins was 15 years old involved with this addiction.


Drew Barrymore

Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction(Drew Barrymore)

Drew was a very young woman who came to fame, but her neglect made him addicted to alcohol at the age of 13.

Her numerous scandals and overdoses ultimately led him to attend a rehab clinic for eight months. After leaving the clinic, she began writing the bitter memories of her life, which was not like the memories of a teenage girl’s life.



Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction(Eminem)

A few years ago, Eminem overdosed after Consumption several drugs.

A timely intervention of a doctor saved his life. The thing that helped him to pull himself out of the well of addiction was his sense of responsibility towards his daughters.

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Elton John

Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction(Elton John)

Sir Elton John began to use drugs at a young age to overcome his embarrassment, but his family and friends gradually moved away from him. Even his mother eventually left the country.

Subsequently, in 1975, the drug caused him an overdose.


Britney Spears

Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction(Britney Spears)

Britney Spears was very young, who became a famous star.

She first sang in a choir, then participated in television programs and eventually began singing professionally independently.

Record three very successful albums in three years, compaction of life plans and earning wealth and reputation, they brought Britney’s work into a period of drug and alcohol abuse and family scandal.

“Bad And Dirty Habits Of Hollywood celebrities


Samuel L. Jackson

Popular Peoples Who Have Been Addiction(Samuel L. Jackson)

Samuel L. Jackson was interested in acting from a young age and went to the University of Moore, Atlanta.

After graduation, he did minor work in cinema, theater, and television, which did not have much success for him. Samuel’s addiction to alcohol and drugs has led the directors to refuse to work with him.

In the late 1980’s, Jackson eventually went to a rehabilitation center.


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