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Beautiful Iranian Actress In Milan
Night night in milano

Beautiful Iranian Actress In Milan

Sadaf Taherian, a controversial Iranian actress after leaving her country and staying in Turkey, is now on her newest trip to Milan.

Beautiful Iranian Actress In Milan
Confidence is not “they will like me” confidence is “I’ll be fine if they don’t”

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Short Bio From Sadaf Taherian:

Ms. Taherian Born on July 30, 1988, in Tehran, she is an actress and model.

She has played in many Iranian cinematic films that are not very famous. Sadaf released a number of different pictures in November 2015 with her previous “No Hijab” photos on Instagram.

A few moments later, she also insisted on placing a video that Instagram’s page did not hack and thanked users for their comments.

She also announced on her Instagram, her immigration to Dubai. And after leaving Iran, has shared her images without hijab on social media in protest of the hijab.

Disclosure of Corruption in Iranian Cinema:

In his conversation, she clearly pointed out that some institutions and film companies, and even some directors and producers, offered him shameful suggestions.

According to him, one of these people even promised him that “if she has a relationship with him for a month,” he will enter into many important cinematic projects!

In the following, we will see the images of this Iranian actress and her description.

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