A Photo From Famous Persian Model For Her National Football Team

A Photo From Famous Persian Model

A Photo From Famous Persian Model

The Instagram of famous Persian model (Elham Arab) offers a fascinating photo for her players of the national football team of Iran!

Elham Arab, who emigrated to the emirate, presented her image to the Iranian national team by publishing a new photo on Instagram.

A Photo From Famous Persian Model

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She publishing this photo and wrote: 

“This picture is a gift to the players of the national football team”

Who is the Elham Arab?

She was born in Tehran in 1989, is a renowned Iranian designer for various brands of clothing and cosmetics. She is one of the prominent figures among Iranian modeling.

Although the modeling profession in Iran has no place, and such a job is not recognized in Iran, but if you take a look at Instagram pages, there are certainly many pages in this area that many clothing companies use for the brand promotion of young boys and girls.

Modeling companies in Iran operate underground and attract young people.

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Here are some of the pictures of this famous Persian model:

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