Ascia AKF | Most Beautiful Model With Hijab In The World

Ascia AKF, Most Beautiful Model With Hijab

Ascia AKF, Most Beautiful Model With Hijab

Ascia AKF is a Kuwaiti fashion blogger, model, and fashion designer. Who is the most beautiful model with hijab in the world.

Ascia AKF, Most Beautiful Model With Hijab

Short Bio From Ascia AKF:

Ascia Akf was born on October 19, 1989, and now she is 28 years old and born in Kuwait.

She is active in modeling.

Has been involved in blogging for a long time, she is known more as a blogger and social critic, which has come to fame with critical criticisms of the Arab world.

She shared her photos on her blog, along with her social critique.

Ascia is also a fashion and clothing designer and designs feminine clothes for several top Lebanese and Indonesian companies.

She is considered one of the most beautiful veiled girls in the world, who was able to be selected as the most beautiful modeling in the world in 2018.

In 2011, she married an Arab model, Ahmad Al-Balooshi, and after a year she had two son-children named Adam and Noah.

And also in 2018, she participated in the Indonesian beauty queen with hijab contest and received the first prize.

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