Get Familiar With The Miss America 2019

Nia Franklin Miss America 2019

Miss America 2019

Nia Franklin from New York City was nominated as Miss America 2019. 

Nia Franklin Miss America 2019

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The selection ceremony of the Miss America, this year under the influence of the Movement known as the “Me Too”, was held in support of female victims of sexual harassment.

At the ceremony held this year in Atlantic City, the competition section in Bikini was eliminated, and the focus was more on the knowledge and character of the participants.

Nia Franklin was selected from among 50 as the winner and won the crown of the former “Cara Mund” winner from the state of Connecticut.

The American Girl’s Match dates back to 1921, 98 years ago.

The organizers hope that they have been able to take a step towards the modernization of the tournament, and, unlike the past, highlight the positive moral attributes and their goals in life, rather than the appearance of participating girls.

Nia Franklin is born in North Carolina. She is an opera singer and master of music from the University of North Carolina System.

Mrs. Franklin came to New York to continue her education, and she also represented New York at the event.

She says he intends to use the Miss America to promote art.

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