Super-Models Who Have No External Existence

Super-Models Without External Existence

Super-Models Without External Existence

It seems that nowadays it is not difficult to become famous because even without being extant, you can also be Super-Models.

Let’s get to know these famous people



When it came to Instagram with its unique skin color and beauty, it soon became a catchy one, and many brands tended to collaborate with them.

One of these brilliants was the Fantasy Beatty Beauty of Rihanna, which published many photos of this virtual model.

Soon, tens of thousands of people followed him, and when her supporters realized that she was just a computer image, they were surprised.

The creator of “Shudu” is a London-based photographer named Cameron-James Wilson who has studied 3D design from YouTube videos.

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Lil Miquela:

True, Miquela does not look as “Shudu” as it really does, but it also has millions of social networking fans.

(In the previous article we introduced this famous model)

After starting to work on social networks, many people became curious to see the pores on the skin without knowing whether it was a real or fabricated model.

Miquela introduces herself as a 19-year-old Brazilian girl, attending celebrations and clubs with her friend. She even released a song and participated in the fashion week Prada Milan.

Miquela had a lot of enemies like all other celebrities, and one of her enemies was Bermuda.

Bermuda, after hacking the Instagram page, threatened Miquela to announce her fake.

As a result, Miquela released a movie and announced that she was not real.

Later it became clear that Miquela, her brother, and even her rival Bermuda, were made by Brud’s virtual Influencer company.


Aimi Eguchi:

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When the Japanese group AKB48 introduced Aimi Eguchi as their new member, they found more fans and released a cover photo of many magazines.

Amy was a graphics array of seven female members of the band, each part of whose body was similar to a member of the group.


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