The Most Beautiful Models Among Persian Men

Most Beautiful Models Among Persian Men

Most Beautiful Models Among Persian Men

He is one of the most attractive and Beautiful models among Persian men, and his face is similar to European models.

Most Beautiful Models Among Persian Men

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Hamid Fadaei Born on July 13, 1988, in Tehran.

He has completed his undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering, but his career has nothing to do with his field of study.

Since 2008, when he was 20 years old, he began his career in modeling, and due to his high self-esteem and attractive masculine face, he soon passed the stages of success.

Mr. Fadaei has been married to an Iranian model named Elnaz Golrokh for several years.

This successful Iranian couple in the modeling profession migrate to Dubai due to restrictions in Iran and have been living in Dubai for several years.

Hamid’s brother was a dress designer and gave him a lot of motivation for modeling.

After preparing his mind to enter the world of the modeling, he began working with a modeling agency in Tehran and had a lot of progress day by day.

Also, He has a great deal of interest in working with brand names, Chanel, Tom Ford, and D&G.

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