Escort Of The Iranian National Football Team In Moscow

Iranian national football for World Cup 2018

The streets that the Iranian national football team crosses will be specially escorted by the police to prevent a security problem.

According to the report, Iranian national football team in Moscow is in a special situation. Perhaps this can be understood more than five days since the arrival of Carlos Queiroz’s disciples in this great and strange city. Because the Iranian national football team left their camp for a friendly match against Lithuania only last day (Friday) and faced interesting events.

Iranian National Football Team Moscow

PersianUp advertising ┬áThe national team arrived at the FC Lokomotiv camp on its first day in Moscow, on Tuesday, last week, with a special escort of police, and it seemed that the escort on the first day had a ceremony, but the security issue was more than what they thought. The squad last day when he was about to leave the locomotive camp, he was escorted by four car policemen from his residence, with a slogan of “80 million, a nation, a beat” recorded. There were also two Hyundai cars that provided the bus for the 32 World Cup teams involved in the escort.

An interesting adventure for the Iranian national team was the capture of the streets and freeways of Moscow by the national team’s bus during its move. As machines that escort the bus to the Iranian national team are closing down the streets, there will be no cars passing by the Iranian national team. This escort is done by the police to a high degree of sensitivity. Even the time of the national team’s bus journey from the highway over Carrero Bridge does not allow any car to cross the bridge, and the cars on the bridge should also stand up to the national team’s bus Iran passes.

Iranian National Football Team

The event was on the first day for the national team of Iran, and the national team said that they did not even have 5 car rides from the airport to the national team, and they reached full safety at their locomotive camp. The security at the national team is also high, and even if a team member or team member leaves the camp for one minute, he will be checked back when he returns. Machines that want to enter the camp, even an ambulance to be present at the national team’s training, is checked by a device to prevent a security problem.

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