Body Of Kate Spade Was Found In Her Apartment

Sudden death by Kate Spade

Body Kate Spade, a famous American designer who was known for making creative women’s bags, was found at his apartment in New York. Highlights from worldwide media: The body of 55-year-old Kate Spade, a leading fashion designer known for making feminine lingerie, was found at his apartment in New York. According to the police, Kate Spade‘s death seems to be suicide.

Kate Spade

Has she suicided?

Ms. Spade was found in her apartment in Manhattan Park, New York, on the morning of Tuesday (June 5th). She was known for designing dresses and jewelry, especially for her handbag design. She founded the Kate Spade handbag production company in 1993 and sold it in 2007.

Kate Spade Handbag

PersianUp advertising  The company, which is known for its exclusive logo, Ace Peak, was sold last year at around $ 2.4 billion. The New York police, in addition to confirming the death of 55-year-old Miss Spade, said a note was posted next to her corpse, but Its content has not been disclosed.

Kate Spade and sadness of her supporters

The sudden death of Kate Spade was accompanied by the shock and sadness of her supporters.

Ivanka Trump wrote on Twitter: “In the sad ending of Kate Spade, we made it clear that we really did not know the pain and other problems. Ask for help if you are depressed. “

Kate Spade Ivanka Trump TwitterOne of the first reactions to his death was Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the former president of America, who wrote: “When I was a college, my grandmother bought me the first Kate Spade Cup I still have. Kate’s family and friends are in my heart “

Kate Spade Chelsea Clinton



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  1. Kate Spade designs were such a strong part of my Life in Manhattan with my husband as young attorneys. He died five years ago and now I see we are nothing more than memories with her also gone. Kate Spade was a smile in the midst of so many haute couture designers. Truly and genuinely a New Yorker for a shopper back then. I cannot stop thinking about her. This is so sad. This is soooo sad.

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