14-Year-Old Healthy And Weird Girl Who Cries Blood

Weird Girl Who Cries Blood

A Weird Girl Who Cries Blood

A 14-year-old Indian weird girl cries over 50 times a day, three years ago, instead of bloody tears. Blood exits without being injured.

Weird Girl Who Cries Blood

She explained:

From the eyes, hands, head, ears, nose, and from all parts of my body, blood flows out. When the bleeding starts, I have no injuries, but these bleeding tired me and sometimes I get a headache.

Weird Girl Who Cries Blood

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 Doctor Buchanan, an American doctor working in the UK, traveled to India for an examination of this teenage girl.

He said: I have never seen a similar case, or I have not read medical records on the face of the scalp or palms.

Weird Girl Who Cries Blood


This strange girl has fired two years ago after being bleeding from two schools, decided to leave school.

Weird Girl Who Cries Blood

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